True® Clear Alu

True® Clear Alu OF2 is a semi-transparent fabric that has a woven screen-like pattern, but is PVC-free and offers a clear textile look and feel. This fabric is made from inherent FR yarns underlining the textile character of this fabric. True® Clear Alu OF2 on the exterior side has a nano-layer of aluminum, offering a very high reflectivity of around 72% and at the same time, a fantastic and clear view through. True® Clear Alu OF2 is available on a width of 285 cm and in six timeless colours.

True® Salerno

True® Salerno is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarns. The shantung character, created by a structured weaving pattern gives the fabric its beautiful look that matches any interior style. True® Salerno has a natural and pure feeling, and is available in seven commercial subtle colours.

True® Positano

The transparent fabric True® Positano is made of 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarns. The Shantung effect enhances the structure of the fabric. By using uni-coloured as well as multi-coloured yarns in the weft, a lively colour pattern is created. The fabric has an elegant, slightly shiny, look that matches any interior. True® Positano is available in four colours.

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